T.J.'s LAWNS PLUS DELIVERY POLICY

Delivery dates are scheduled; however, we cannot guarantee specific delivery times on that day.

All deliveries must be paid in full prior to delivery.

The homeowner is not required to be home, however, please be available to be contacted if any
 questions arise. The driver will call you if there is a problem, so please provide a daytime phone number where you can be reached on the day your delivery is scheduled.

All deliveries are driveway drop off. Our delivery driver cannot drive on or dump orders on lawn.

Mulch, Topsoil, or Stone will be dumped at one address, in one location per delivery.

We cannot mix two products such as stones and mulch in one delivery.

Please make it known where you would like your product dumped in your driveway when ordering. You should be asked by whomever is taking your order. You can mark the area with a tarp, chalk mark, cone or garbage can, etc. if so desired.

If you have hired help or a landscaper to spread your products, please schedule them to come the day after delivery, as we cannot guarantee the time of your delivery.

Please make sure you have seen the products in person before ordering. We are not responsible for differences in shades or colors of products.

We are not responsible for any damage to customer's property (lawn, turf, shrubs, trees, septic systems, pavement, stone, driveways, etc. As well as any unforeseen damages to the property underground or any other damages).

Once deliveries are made, the order is final with no returns